Overview – Nyungwe National Park

Situated in the South West corner of Rwanda, Nyungwe National Park is a lavishly biodiverse mountain rainforest region. This excellent park is believed to be probably the most established rainforest in Africa, evidently staying green even through the Ice Age. The park is home to the chimpanzee, as well as 12 other species of primates. Nyungwe National Park likewise contains more than 300 bird species and 75 vertebrate species. Here, guests might appreciate picturesque hiking or biking safaris, canopy walks, chimpanzee tracking and relaxing by a tranquil waterfall, to name just a few interesting activities.
Mount Bigugu is the park's most elevated point and offers incredible vistas of the surrounding regions. From certain parts of the park, you can see the majestic Lake Kivu, one of Africa's incredible lakes. Surrounded by river Kongo toward the west, and the Nile toward the east, Nyungwe holds 66% of Rwanda's water and makes beautiful environments inside its grasslands, bogs and swamps.

  • Wildlife7 animals

  • High SeasonJune to September

  • Best Time to GoOctober to February

Pros & Cons

  • The biggest mountain rainforest in Central Africa
  • A wide variety of animal and plant species, a considerable lot of them endemic
  • Home to 13 types of primates, including chimpanzees
  • 130km network of hiking trails
  • Canopy walk offering sightings of rare species living in the treetops
  • The primary route takes away from its wilderness appeal
  • Generally high charges for each activity
  • Chimpanzee trekking isn't pretty much as simple as in Tanzania or Uganda

Nyungwe National Park Map in Africa

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Wildlife & Animals – Nyungwe National Park

The Nyungwe forest has a wide variety of animal species, focusing on it for protection in Africa. The forest is situated in an area where a few huge biogeographical zones meet and the assortment of terrestrial biomes gives an incredible range of microhabitats for various types of plants and animals.

Wildlife Highlights

A total of 85 mammal species have been recorded in Nyungwe Forest, however, most are exceptionally mysterious and rarely experienced. Tracking Nyungwe's habituated chimpanzees is a superb activity in the park. Another feature is the unusually enormous troops of Rwenzori colobus, counting up to 350 individuals. Another 12 primate species are available, including l'Hoest's monkey, dim-cheeked mangabey and red-followed monkey. A few antelope varieties in the park incorporate the mysterious bushbuck and the extremely uncommon endemic race of Weyns' duiker.

Best Time for Wildlife Viewing

The best time for chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe is during the Wet season from October to May as the chimps are easier to locate at that time. In the Dry season, they will endeavour further into the forest interior, making them harder to follow. The Dry season from June to September is best for general hiking, as the paths are simpler to explore.

Birds – Nyungwe National Park

Nyungwe Forest has more than 275 species recorded and is also perceived as an IBA (Important Bird Area) by Birdlife International. Forest birding is never simple, yet the wide roads going through the parks offer an incredible vantage point into the canopy. Of explicit interest are the numerous Albertine Rift endemics (birds confined to the Albertine Rift). Three birds unrecorded somewhere on the eastern side of the Albertine Rift are the Albertine owlet, red-nabbed windbag and Rockefeller's sunbird.

Best Time for Bird Watching

In Nyungwe Forest, Birding can be done around the year with some admonitions. At the end of the Rainy season, Breeding activity is at the top. From May to June & July to September, many birds are taking care of their fledglings and staying silent. In January & February, they will be vocal again and can be spotted easily. Since most of the birding depends on calls, the Best time to visit is from January to June only. Migratory birds are present from November to April.

Best Time to Visit – Nyungwe National Park

Chimpanzee trekking and hiking can be done around the year in Nyungwe Forest. The best time for Chimpanzee trekking & Bird watching is from October to May in Wet Season. For general hiking & Wildlife viewing, the Dry season is preferable, from June to September.

  • Best Time

    October to February

  • High Season

    June to September

  • Low Season

    March to May, October and November

  • Best Weather

    June to September

  • Worst Weather

    March and April

June to September (Dry Season)

  • General trekking & hiking is easier in this season
  • Skies are brilliant, with basically no rain
  • Few chances for spotting Chimpanzees
  • For spotting, some special bird species will be tricky at this time

June to September (Wet Season)

  • Best time for Chimpanzee trekking as they have plenty of food
  • Forest birding is at its best and migratory birds are present
  • Rain can make forest trails difficult
  • It may rain for quite a long time

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