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    Uganda Tourism Board
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    Photography, birding tours, Cultural tours, Gorillas trekking and Wildlife safaris
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    Kenya Rwanda Uganda
  • We aspire to become Africa’s leading tour and travel architects helping millions of travelers find unforgettable travel experiences within the most inspiring destinations. We provide any type of safari holiday you can imagine including mindful wildlife retreats, adventure safaris, epic camping tours, magical gorilla safaris, birding vacations and more. At the core of the company’s foundation is the proprietor, Moses. His ideals of hard work, passion, hard work and love of travel form all the inspiration behind the formation of Epic Uganda vacations. These are cornerstones upon which the company was built and will continue to grow and flourish for so many generations. Epic Vacations is 100% travel and nothing less, and willing to take you places that inspire us, fully immerse you and make you feel like a local. We understand you have traveled before, but a safari with Epic Uganda Vacations will never leave you the same. We incorporate all you need in just one package, so you don’t hustle; hotels/safari lodges, services of a professional guide, all excursions/experiences, transportation, and then you decide on what you want to do for yourself for the rest of the trip. In a country where everything is exotic, you'll be feeling like a local. And while everyone else is getting frustrated, you'll be receiving the VIP treatment. Trading waiting for reveling. And trading wondering for wonderment. In destinations where you don't even imagine to know the way, with us, you never feel lost. Isn’t it time to make Safari a priority? Time to trade someone else’s dreams for yours? Time to trade “have tos” for "must-sees?" With Epic Uganda Vacations, you can count on both exceptional coordination and the thrill of discovering the world’s special destinations on your own. It’s a safari for real travelers who don’t want an extra minute to pass them by.

We are epic travelers and love to travel and we always want to share our excitement with you. We’re passionate about connecting you to Africa’s most craved safari destinations to enrich your soul with indelible trips and unequalled memories Unlike other safari operators, we do not leave anything to chances. We help you envision; ranging from great lodges /hotels, amazing food, unmatched excursions and experiences and invaluable memories. But we do not stop there, we go an extra mile and envision the hassle of planning a perfect vacation on your own, and we pick it up and take you through the entire process of planning, organizing, researching, etc. so that yours, unlike for others becomes a completely smooth safari from start to end!

Rubaga, Kampala Uganda.