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    Primate treks, wilderness safaris, day tours, mountain trekking, fishing excursions, bird watching tours, cultural tours
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    Kenya Rwanda Tanzania Uganda
  • Gazelle Safari Company is a full-service travel brand and a one stop centre for all your travel needs. We curate the most breathtaking travel itineraries in East Africa and beyond. Explore our destinations and see what we have to offer ranging from corporate, solo travel, adventure travel, wilderness safaris or just a day excursion in your favorite city.

REGISTERED COMPANY NAME: GAZELLE SAFARI COMPANY LIMITED. TRADING NAME: GAZELLE SAFARI COMPANY LIMITED. REGISTRATION STATUS: FULLY REGISTERED REGISTRATION NO: 185555. TIN: 1012654801. VAT REGISTERED IATA NO. 89240583 TOURISM OPERATORS LICENSE NO: UTB/RTT/TO/2019/00235. ESTABLISHED IN: 2014. WHO WE ARE Gazelle Safari Company is Ugandan female owned full service travel brand specialized in; wilderness safaris, air ticketing, accommodation reservations, and package holidays globally, day trips and excursions, transfers and M.I.C.E. Our company has four major divisions dedicated to clients’ satisfaction; Inbound Travel / Destination Management Gazelle Safaris Africa is a Destination Management Company organizing tours across East, Central up to Southern Africa. We curate breathtaking custom and tailor-made safari packages for luxury, mid-range and budget conscious Travelers. Our safari destinations in Africa range from Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, DR Congo to South Africa. WHY TRAVEL WITH GAZELLE SAFARI COMPANY • Expert Knowledge. All our staff are ardent travelers and have traversed the African continent. They will help you get the most out of your travel. • Peace of mind. Sit back and relax knowing that everything is under control. Leave it to the experts to do the hard work around the clock. • Flexibility. We are flexible both in terms of price and itinerary. • 24/7 support. No matter where you are or whatever the time zone, we are available to assist you both online and offline • Installment payments. We offer payment plans for your travels. Terms & Conditions apply. REASONS TO BOOK WITH US Competitive prices. We provide competitive prices because we believe that travel doesn’t have to run you bankrupt. Much as our services are superior, our prices are less than what others normally charge. Safety & Trust. At the forefront of our trip planning, we place your safety. We understand that some travelers get their thrill from extreme adventure that is why we take every possible caution while planning. Good Destination Knowledge. Africa may look like one big village but every destination is different. Our staff will furnish you with all the destination information ranging from entry requirements, dos and don’ts to COVID-19 restrictions. Also check our destination guides. Expert & Multilingual Travel Guides & Drivers. Please feel free to ask for a language guide. All our guides speak English but some speak more languages like German, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Russian and Arabic Reliability. We deliver exactly what we promise and that is why our company continues to grow every year. We hold a public liability cover of up to 500,000 USD annually. Best handpicked accommodation options. We understand the role accommodation plays on the overall travel experience. We handpick accommodation to suit a specific traveler and we ensure that it ticks off all his boxes. Request for it and we shall deliver. In case a preferred lodge/hotel is fully booked, we replace for a similar one for the same rate. Water & Snacks. While on tour, we provide you with water and snacks like nuts, fruits, crisps and cookies. If you’re interested in a particular snack by the roadside (usually rolex), we endeavor to pick a clean and safe stall from where to purchase one. Please inform us in advance of any food allergies/intolerance. Accessibility. It is the digital era where internet is a basic need. In collaboration with Flexi roam Africa, you will have data connectivity on the go no matter where you are or how remote. At the same time our emergency contact is always on 24/7 for you to reach us where needed even in the wee hours of the night as the tour goes on. Great Memories. In a bid to have satisfied clients, we make every bit of our tours memorable all the way from the departure point. On all our tours including day excursions, there is a camera to capture your best moments, and we endeavor to send them to you at the end of your safari/vacation within the week of your departure. Our guides have great camera skills. Privacy is paramount. Please read our privacy policy and also feel free to request us not to share photos of your safari or even not taking any photos of you for personal reasons.

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