Overview – Bangweulu Wetlands

Bangweulu means "where the water meets the sky", which is an ideal depiction of this phenomenal community-owned secured wetland in northeastern Zambia. At the point when one watches out over Lake Bangweulu, the dim blue waters vanish into the skyline, mixing in totally with the shade of the sky. This community-owned protected area is not just a life source for wildlife, like endemic black lechwe and many bird species yet in addition to the 50,000 individuals who live there.

  • Wildlife8 Animals

  • High SeasonNever Busy

  • Best Time to GoMay to July

Pros & Cons

  • Home to big herds of the endemic black lechwe
  • One of the best places in Africa to spot showbill stork
  • Game drives, walking safaris and canoe trips are available
  • Off-the-beaten-track destination
  • Community-owned protected wetland
  • Fishing villages take away some of the wilderness appeal
  • Limited accommodation options are available
  • Quite expensive and difficult to get to

Bangweulu Wetlands Map in Africa

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Wildlife & Animals – Bangweulu Wetlands

Bangweulu Wetlands is a unique wilderness destination. This enormous wetland region is hard to investigate and exceptionally occasional, yet it is home to a great many endemic black lechwes. A huge number of these semi-oceanic antelope can be spotted swimming through the water. Sitatunga additionally adores these natural surroundings, however, they are bashful and rarely seen. Elephants and buffalo can be spotted sometimes. Predator sightings are uncommon, yet spotted hyenas and jackals are frequently heard around evening time. The water channels are home to numerous hippos and crocodiles prowling in the reeds.

Wildlife Highlights

The park is known for its black lechwe, yet some other strange antelope species are seen here too. The quickest of all antelope is the tsessebe and hundreds can be seen on the field, bordering the floodplains. Sets of modest oribi are especially normal too.

Best Time for Wildlife Viewing

Bangweulu Wetlands is very seasonal. The best time to spot the amazing herds of rare black lechwe in Bangweulu is in June and July when water levels have receded, and grass attracts the grazers.

Birds – Bangweulu Wetlands

Bangweulu Wetlands is mainly a birding destination with over 400 species recorded. Many marsh specials can be seen here, and the star attraction is the sought-after shoebill stork. This is one of the easiest places in Africa to see this prehistoric-looking bird. The ‘shoebill guard program’, employs local fishermen to monitor nests. When floodwaters are high, from December to March, the area is an important stopover-feeding place for migrating birds.

Best Time for Bird Watching

Bangweulu Wetlands offers a great birding experience throughout the year. However, the best time to visit is during the wet season from December to March. It is also the time when migratory birds are available and a lot of birds can be seen in breeding plumage. 

Best Time to Visit – Bangweulu Wetlands

The best time to visit Bangweulu Wetlands is during the wet season from May to July when there is still some water around. The best time to spot the rare black lechwe is in the months of June and July. May is the best time to find the shoebill stork. The best time for bird watching is in the wet season from December to April. However, the roads might become difficult to navigate.

  • Best Time

    May to July

  • High Season

    Never Busy

  • Low Season

    Never Busy

  • Best Weather

    April to September

  • Worst Weather

    December to March

June to October (Dry Season)

  • Best time to spot shoebill stork from May to August
  • For big herds of black lechwe and other grazers will be from June to July
  • It is sunny, and there is little rain
  • Low water levels allow for game drives and canoe trips
  • The sky is hazy with a lot of dust in the air
  • Warm clothes are recommended for the early morning & night chill weather

June to October (Wet Season)

  • Birding is best as migratory birds are present
  • Plenty of baby animals that attract predators
  • The scenery is beautiful and fresh
  • Water levels are highest in March and April, making it a wetland paradise
  • Extreme Hot and Humid climate
  • Insects & mosquitoes are the bigger concern
  • Game drives aren’t possible from about December to April, only canoe trips

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