Overview – Toro Semliki Wildlife Reserve

Toro-Semliki Wildlife Reserve has a dramatic rift valley setting between the Rwenzori, Kijura escarpment and Lake Albert. The dominant vegetation type is the open acacia-combretum woodland and grassy savannah, interspersed with patches of Borassus palm forest, significant belts of riparian woodland along the main watercourses, as well as some extensive swamps towards Lake Albert. The park is famous for its birding experience with 400 bird species.

  • Wildlife7 animals

  • High SeasonJune to September

  • Best Time to GoDecember to February & June to July

Pros & Cons

  • Boat rides & Night drives are available at Lake Albert
  • Best place for birding
  • Many primate species are available which includes chimpanzee, Baboons and Monkeys
  • Wildlife sightings are very less including chimpanzees
  • Very few accommodation options are available
  • Difficult roads in the rainy season

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Wildlife & Animals – Toro Semliki Wildlife Reserve

Toro-semliki contains many animals which include elephants, Buffalo, Uganda Kob, Waterbuck, Warthog, Giant Forest Hog, and Hippopotamus; Primates including Chimpanzees, Baboons and Monkeys including Vervet, Red-tailed and Black and White Colobus. Most of the time it's difficult to site them in daylight but sometimes they can be spotted during night drives.

Wildlife Highlights

The most common primate is the Uganda kob in the park which can be spotted very easily. Some more primates can be spotted in the park such as the vervet and red-tailed monkey, the beautiful black-and-white colobus and the olive baboon. Chimpanzees are available in the park but it's difficult to track them.

Best Time for Wildlife Viewing

The best time for wildlife viewing is in the Dry seasons from December to February as animals gather around rivers and waterholes. Roads are slippery in the rainy season hence difficult to travel at that time. 

Birds – Toro Semliki Wildlife Reserve

Toro-Semliki Wildlife Reserve is the best place for bird lovers. It has more than 400 bird species, including the lyre-tailed honeyguide. 216 of these species (66 per cent of the country's total bird species) are true forest birds, including the rare Oberländer's ground thrush, Sassi's olive greenbul and nine hornbill species. It also has 460 butterfly species. A hike to Nyaburogo gorge is the ideal walk for birders that starts right at the Reserve Headquarters. It is a 7km hike that goes through a diversity of habitats including savanna, woodland and a forest in the gorge.

Best Time for Bird Watching

Birding can be done all year round in Toro-Semliki Wildlife Reserve but the best time will be during the breeding season which will be in March after the dry season from December to February. In the rainy season from August to October, Bird watching can be difficult to follow as roads become very slippery.

Best Time to Visit – Toro Semliki Wildlife Reserve

The best time for birding is in the Dry seasons from December to February and from June to July. In the Wet season from March to May and August to November, Most of the game viewing drives are limited due to the bad weather and heavy rainfall and roads become slippery.

  • Best Time

    December to February & June to July

  • High Season

    June to September

  • Low Season

    March to May, October and November

  • Best Weather

    December to February

  • Worst Weather

    March to May & August to October

December to February & June to July (Dry Season)

  • Animals are found more easily since they gather at water sources
  • Days are lovely and sunny
  • Chimpanzee trekking will be difficult in dry season
  • The best time for birding is late January to March
  • The views aren't that great as the sky is hazy

December to February & June to July (Wet Season)

  • The air is clear, and landscapes are green
  • Migratory birds can be seen during this period
  • Frequent rainstorms can interfere with the drives
  • Roads are very bad in the rainy season and it's hard to travel as the trails become slippery

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