Overview – Budongo Central Forest Reserve

The Budongo Forest is a moist, semi-deciduous tropical rainforest located at the top of the Albertine Rift. Travellers can visit Budongo Eco-lodge at Kaniyo Pabidi (for chimpanzee tracking), Busingiro, and the Royal mile for bird watching all of which are designated for tourism.

  • Wildlife5 animal

  • High SeasonJune to September

  • Best Time to GoDec to March and June to July

Pros & Cons

  • Chimpanzee trekking permits are cheaper as compare to Kibale
  • Chimpanzee trekking and full day habituation experience
  • Accommodation is available at Kaniyo Pabidi or nearby Murchison Falls Park
  • Best park for a birding experience
  • Untouched forest
  • There is no accommodation facility in Busingiro

Budongo Central Forest Reserve Map in Africa

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Wildlife & Animals – Budongo Central Forest Reserve

Budongo is astonishingly bio-diverse, with 24 mammal species, over 360 birds, 289 butterflies and 465 plants. Budongo is also known for its primate population which includes around 800 chimpanzees. Well-developed forest trails give you the perfect opportunity to explore the beauty of the tropical rainforest on foot.

Wildlife Highlights

Recorded from Budongo are more than 24 mammals, of which 9 are primates. Chimpanzee tracking is very popular in this park. Apart from chimpanzees, red-tailed monkeys, blue monkeys, black-and-white colobus and olive baboons can be spotted occasionally.

Best Time for Wildlife Viewing

The park can be visited all year round for chimpanzees trekking. The best time for wildlife viewing is in the Dry seasons from December to March and June to July. During the rainy season, Roads are slippery hence difficult to travel at that time. 

Birds – Budongo Central Forest Reserve

Bird watching is one of the activities done in Budongo forest near Murchison falls national park where a number several bird species over 366 of which 60 are central African bird species with other two key species which can’t be found elsewhere in East Africa which is; Pavel’s illadoposis and Yellow-footed Flycatcher. Other species such as Ceratogymna fistulator, Smithornis rufolateralis, Ixonotus guttatus, Neafrapus cassini, Sylvietta denti, Batis ituriensis and Zoothera camaronensis Other rare species in Budongo Forest include Pitta reichenowi and Parmoptila woodhousei, both with multiple recent records.

Best Time for Bird Watching

Birding can be done all year round in Budongo Forest but the best time will be from February to April and in September. The fruiting season starts from June to September, so there is plenty of food available and birds are breeding plumage.

Best Time to Visit – Budongo Central Forest Reserve

The park can be visited all year round for chimpanzees trekking. The best time for wildlife viewing is in the Dry seasons from December to March and June to July.

  • Best Time

    Dec to March and June to July

  • High Season

    June to September

  • Low Season

    March to May, October and November

  • Best Weather

    June and July

  • Worst Weather

    April, May and August to October

December to February (Dry Season)

  • When the trails are drier, its easier to spot chimpanzees
  • Days are lovely and sunny with little rain
  • Very few mosquitoes mean less chance of getting malaria
  • January and February can be extremely hot

December to February (Wet Season)

  • The air is clear, and landscapes are green
  • April & May are low seasons, so it's less crowded, and rates might be lower
  • Migratory birds are present
  • Some roads are very bad in the rainy season and it's hard to travel as the trails become slippery

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