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Saanane National Park is a unique and remarkable national park located on Saanane Island in Lake Victoria, Tanzania. Saanane Island is situated in Lake Victoria, near the city of Mwanza in northern Tanzania. The park's island location provides a scenic and tranquil environment for visitors. Saanane National Park covers a relatively small area of approximately 2.18 square kilometers (0.84 square miles). Despite its compact size, the park offers a diverse range of wildlife and natural attractions.

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Wildlife & Animals – Saanane National Park

Despite its small size, Saanane National Park is home to a variety of wildlife species. Some of the animals that can be found in the park include:

Impala: These elegant antelopes with reddish-brown coats can be seen grazing in the open grasslands of the park.

Rock Hyrax: Also known as dassies, these small, furry mammals can be found on rocky outcrops and cliffs in the park.

Vervet Monkey: These lively and intelligent monkeys are a common sight in Saanane National Park. They are known for their grayish fur and long tails.

Nile Crocodile: Saanane Island provides a habitat for Nile crocodiles, which can be seen basking along the shores of Lake Victoria.

Monitor Lizard: The park is also home to monitor lizards, which are large reptiles that can often be spotted sunning themselves on rocks and tree branches.

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Birds – Saanane National Park

Saanane National Park is a haven for birdwatchers, as it hosts a diverse range of bird species. Commonly sighted birds include Marabou storks, African fish eagles, hamerkops, and numerous waterbirds.

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