Overview – North Luangwa NP

North Luangwa is a little national park in the northeast area of Zambia. The magnificence of visiting this Park is the genuinely astounding chance to encounter Africa as it was. It is wild and immaculate and you are basically an unpretentious observer to its regular magnificence and dramatization. There are various tributary rivers going through the Park and into the Luangwa which assume a significant ecological role in the area. The perfectly clear Mwaleshi River streams down the ledge in a progression of little cascades. The habitat and wildlife are like South Luangwa, yet creatures are less habituated. All the Big Five can be found, with Black rhino ensured in an enormous secured sanctuary.

  • Wildlife13 Animals

  • High SeasonJuly to October

  • Best Time to GoJuly to October

Pros & Cons

  • Amazing wildlife viewing with all of the Big 5 animals
  • The only place in the country with Black Rhino population
  • Best add-on to a conventional safari in South Luangwa
  • Game drives, night drives and walking safaris are available
  • Self drive option is allowed here in the northern part of the park but need to be self-sufficient
  • Very limited, expensive, fly-in accommodation options in the southern wilderness area

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Wildlife & Animals – North Luangwa NP

North Luangwa National Park is noted for its enormous groups of buffalo, a tremendous sight if they're seen on the run, kicking up dust for a significant distance behind them. Enormous prides of lions occupy the region and it isn't remarkable to observe a kill. Other common vertebrates are hyaena, Cookson’s wildebeest, bushbuck, zebra, warthog, baboon, vervet monkey, puku and impala. Elephants and leopards can also be spotted easily, but not as oftentimes as in South Park. There is no giraffe in the north, yet You are bound to see hartebeest, reedbuck and eland here. 

Wildlife Highlights

North Luangwa is home to Zambia's only black rhinos. The re-introduction program has been colossally fruitful and the populace is developing consistently. Crawshay's zebra, an endemic sub-species, is common. The rare Cookson's wildebeest and Lichtenstein's hartebeest are effectively spotted also.

Best Time for Wildlife Viewing

North Luangwa has very seasonal wildlife viewing. The best time to visit the North Luangwa National park is in the Dry season from July to November when water is inadequate and animals gather to drink. At this time the vegetation is also thinner making sightings easier. During the Wet season from December to April, most of the lodges are closed.

Birds – North Luangwa NP

North Luangwa has excellent bird watching opportunities with more than 400 species recorded so far which includes Resident and migratory species. North Luangwa’s wilderness area is set aside for walking only, which makes it a very rewarding birding destination. The escarpment area in North Luangwa offers some species not found further south, including the babbling starling and chestnut-backed sparrow weaver. The park is great for raptors as well and 38 species have been recorded. However, All the birds in the South have been recorded here as well. Sighted regularly are the crowned cranes, purple crested loeries, broad-billed roller, Lilian’s lovebird, the carmine bee-eater, giant eagle owl and Pel’s fishing owl. Occasionally seen are the bat hawk, black coucal and osprey. 

Best Time for Bird Watching

North Luangwa offers a great birding experience throughout the year. However, the best time to visit is during the wet season from November to April. It is also the time when migratory birds are available and a lot of birds can be seen in breeding plumage. However, most of the park is inaccessible and therefore closed at this time.

Best Time to Visit – North Luangwa NP

The best time to visit North Luangwa National Park is from July to October. This is the middle and end of the Dry season and water in the shrub has evaporated, so animals assemble around the streams and watercourses. However, Weather in October and November is extremely Hot and certain individuals might find conditions hard to adapt to in these months. Operators working in North Luangwa only conduct their safaris in the Dry season, from June to October. The remoteness of the park and lack of infrastructure makes it almost impossible to visit during the Wet season.

  • Best Time

    July to October

  • High Season

    July to October

  • Low Season

    Never Busy

  • Best Weather

    April to August

  • Worst Weather

    October to March

May to October (Dry Season)

  • Better wildlife viewing opportunities in this season
  • It is sunny, and there is little rain
  • Fewer mosquitoes and less chance of catching malaria
  • Warm clothes are recommended for the early morning & night chill weather
  • The sky is hazy with a lot of dust in the air
  • The weather is extremely hot in October

May to October (Wet Season)

  • Birding is best as migratory birds are present
  • Plenty of baby animals that attract predators
  • The scenery is beautiful and at its most lush also known as 'Emerald Season'
  • Most of the operators do not conduct tours only
  • Less wildlife viewing options
  • Most of the camps are closed in the wilderness
  • Extreme Hot and Humid climate
  • Roads become impassable and difficult to drive

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